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Ronix RH-5042~5044 50 Hole Core Bit

Detailed Description

For various applications, this hole core bit is an excellent tool, thanks to its 50 mm hole saw size. Its blade is made from the tungsten carbide alloy YG11C, which is known for its durability and precise performance. The hole core bit’s body is made from carbon steel #45, and its SDS plus shank makes it easy to fit and install securely.

Ronix RH-5042, 50mm Hole Core Bit:

This Ronix product works in dry mode. It is a dependable and versatile tool for all drilling applications. If you want a top-notch hole core bit, this item is an outstanding choice. Scroll down to find out more about this adaptable tool.


This item features a hole saw size of 50 mm. It weighs 0.34 kg, has a cutting depth of 50.5 mm, and the working length is 72 mm. The drill diameter is 8 mm, and the drill length is 110 mm.


The blade is made of YG11C tungsten carbide alloy and the body is constructed from #45 carbon steel. These features increase precision, smooth cutting, impact resistance, and wear resistance. The optimized tooth design allows for fast drilling speed and also offers an optimized pilot for long life in metal. Precisely designed diamonds are engineered for unmatched performance and a high-quality finish surface.


Designed for the most challenging conditions, the core bit excels in concrete with a high rebar content. It has constant high drilling speeds over the entire life of the core bit. Plus, a handy Allen wrench is supplied for easy installation.
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