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Ronix Model Rh-4780 3500W Gasoline Generators Premium Quality Portable Long Working Hour Gasoline Generators

Power Factor: 1
AC Voltage: 220V
Max. Output: 3.5KW
Rated Output: 3.3KW
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
  • RH-4780

  • Ronix

Ronix Model RH-4780 3500W Gasoline Generator

Premium Quality Portable Long Working Hour Gasoline Generators



Ronix RH-4780 has a four-stroke air-cooled 3500W engine with an FC170F-1 model number. The cylinder's volume is 212CC, and the machine has a TCI ignition and recoil starting system. The maximum output power is 4.3KW at 3600RPM. The lubricating oil type is SAE 10W-30 and is stored in a 0.6-liter oil capacity. The spark plug type is F7TC/F7RTC, and the maximum fuel consumption rate is 1.74Lit/hr.

Fuel tank

The full-steel Fuel tank Capacity is 15L. Its fuel type is gasoline, providing up to 8.6 hours of run time.


The gasoline generator delivers an AC voltage of 220V, a rated amperage of 13A, and a frequency of 50 Hz, with a copper Winding for maximum effectiveness in long-term use. This generator also has a maximum output power of 3.5kw and a rated output of 3.3kw. The DC output voltage is 12V/8.3A. It has a 100% copper-wound generator head, allowing continuous operation without overheating.


The body of this tool is made with a gross weight of 45.5kg and a net weight of 43.5kg. The net dimensions of the product are 590mm×430mm×465mm, and the overall dimensions are 645mm×490mm×530mm. It has minimum vibration and sound with a compact design. But to use it in indoor spaces, ensure you have ideal air conditioning.


It's covered with circuit breaker outlets for added protection.

Accessories and Packaging

Ronix RH-4780 gasoline generator's carton includes other accessories, including 2 Plugs, one spark plug sleeve, 1 Rod, and one 12V DC output clip.


-----  212cc, 4 -stroke 4300w engine with considerable performance

-----  15 Liter full steel fuel tank provides up to 8.6 hours of run time

-----  Special compact designfor ease of use and better portability

-----  Circuit breaker outlets for added protection

-----  Minimum sound and vibration in indoor usage

-----  100% copper-wound generator head allows continuous operation without overheating

-----  Includes one (12V) DC outlets

-----  Ideal for workshops and light-duty industrial usage

Products Description

Model RH-4780 Type Gasoline Generator
AC Voltage 220V Generator rated amperage 13A
Frequency 50Hz Max. Output 3.5KW
Rated Output 3.3KW Power Factor 1
DC Output DC12V,8.3A Fuel Gasoline
Displacement 212cc Engine Bore×Stroke 50mm x 70mm
Max. Output ENGINE 4.3KW / 3600rpm Engine Type "single cylinder , 4-stroke,forced air cooled"
Fuel tank Capacity 15Lit Rated Continuous Operation 8.6hr
Lubricating oil SAE 10W-30 Lubricating oil Capacity 0.6liter
Starting System Recoil Ignition System T.C.I
Spark Plug: Type F7TC/F7RTC Maximum fuel consumption rate 1.74Lit/hr
Net dimension 590mm×430mm×465mm Overall dimension 645mm×490mm×530mm
Net Weight 43.5Kg Gross weight 45.5Kg
Supplied in carton

Includes 2Plug, 1 spark plug sleeve,1 Rod, one 12V DC output clip




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