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Ronix 4965 2 stroke gasoline Hedge trimmer brush cutter Multifunction petrol grass trimmer

Cutting Capacity:550mm
Engine Type:2 stroke
Ignitian Type:CDI
Maximum Output Power:0.8 (hp) @ 7500 RPM
Displacement:22.5 (cc)
Blade Length:700 mm
Blade Material:65 Manganese
Blade Distance:35mm
Noise level:112 db
Fuel tank volume:0.5 lit
Fuel Type:Pure Gasoline (no ethanol)+Oil
Fuel/Oil Ratio:1:25
Speed ​​At Maximum Power:9500±300 (rpm)
Max ​​No-load Speed:3000±300 (rpm)
Vibration:"Front handle 3.255 , Rear handle 4.128"
Maximum Branch Thickness to trim:20 mm
Weight:6 kg
Supplied in:Color box
Includes:tool kit bag,mix bottle,1pc screwdriver ,1pcs spanner , 1pc spark plug wrench , 3 pcs hex key
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Ronix 4965 2 stroke gasoline Hedge trimmer 

 brush cutter Multifunction petrol grass trimmer

The Ronix 4965 gasoline hedge trimmer is used in agricultural, gardening, and landscaping activities. Its ergonomic design, powerful motor, and professional features make this gas-powered gardening tool a pleasure to use.

Ronix 4965, 70cm Gasoline Hedge Trimmer:

Ronix 4965 hedge trimmer is used to trim and maintain hedges. It cuts branches by shearing. Its motor makes two toothed blades slide to each other with an alternating movement. The branches are caught between the teeth and then sheared off as the blades move. In this section, you will learn more about the Ronix 4965 gas-powered hedge trimmer.

Motor and mechanism:

The quiet and vibrant 22.5cc, 0.8 horsepower, 7500 RPM, single-cylinder, two-stroke gasoline engine makes the Ronix 4965 the perfect tool for all your cutting challenges. It features a professional CDI ignition system for better, smoother performance. The ultra-low emission engine, with minimal odors and fumes, prevents health and environmental hazards.
The combined structure of the throttle switch, the new intelligent primer bulb starting system, and the ignition system provide powerful and smooth performance.

Fuel injection:

The fuel you fill the 4965's 0.5-liter tank with is all the energy you need to run your Ronix hedge trimmer. The fuel and air mixture enters the cylinder. In the cylinder, the air-fuel mixture (with one part oil to 25 parts gas) is ignited by a spark plug to burn and release its energy.


700 mm blades made of grade 65 manganese with a nickel coating, with a distance of 35 mm from each other and a coordinated Double-edged blade bar align design with moving top and bottom at the same time, making cutting work smoother. The cutting capacity of the Ronix 4965 is 550 mm.


The Ronix 4965 is a lightweight, quiet, and ergonomic tool weighing 6 kg with dimensions of 1080 x 250 x 250 mm. Its ergonomic shape is adapted to the user's wrist position for comfortable use in various orientations. The noise level of the device is equal to 112 dB. This Ronix hedge trimmer, with a maximum power output of 9500 ± 300 rpm and 3000 ± 3000 rpm in no-load mode, meets the needs of all users. The vibration level of the front and rear handles is equal to 3255 and 4128 meters per square second.

Accessories and packaging:

Ronix 4965 gasoline hedge trimmer comes in a color box designed by Ronix and includes a tool kit bag, a mixing bottle, a screwdriver, a spanner, a spark plug wrench, and three hex keys.


Products Description
Cutting Capacity
Engine Type
2 stroke
Ignitian Type
Maximum Output Power
0.8 (hp) @ 7500 RPM
22.5 (cc)
Blade Length
700 mm
Blade Material
65 Manganese
Blade Distance
Noise level
112 db
Fuel tank volume
0.5 lit
Fuel Type
Pure Gasoline (no ethanol)+Oil
Fuel/Oil Ratio
Speed At Maximum Power
9500±300 (rpm)
Max No-load Speed
3000±300 (rpm)
Front handle 3.255 , Rear handle 4.128
Maximum Branch Thickness to trim
20 mm
6 kg
tool kit bag,mix bottle,1pc screwdriver ,1pcs spanner , 1pc spark plug wrench , 3 pcs hex key


-Powerful , robust and durable hedge trimmer powered by a 0.8 HP 22.5cc 2-stroke engine.

-Light, quiet and comfortable hedge trimmer with 700 mm blade bar for professional maintenance of hedges and shrubs.

-Ergonomic shape adapted to the position of the user's wrist  for comfortable using in variety of orientation .

Easy starting .

-New smart primer bulb start system makes the machine start easier with less effort  .

-Excellent ignition system results in powerful smooth running.

-Combination throttle switch structure

- Low-Vibration and low-Noise

-Coordinated Double-edged blade bar align designing with moving top and bottom at same time for easy cutting without snagging.

-nickel coating on blades for keeps the them sharp and clean for longer.

-The very low-emission engine with minimum odor and smoke for prevent health risks and the environment damage.

Detailed Pictures

4965 (1)

Carton size 109*25*24.5cm
Net Weight 7.94kg
Gross Weight 8.94kg

4965 (5)(1)
4965 (4)

4965 (6)

4965 (2)

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