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The Deputy CEO & Member of the Board, Ronix

Board Of Management

M. Ramkho is the Deputy CEO of Ronix. Since 2005 He has been working with his elder brother, M.Ramkho, who is the founder and the CEO of Ronix. He works closely with the CEO to create the management practices that enable a high- performing and effective executive team. He reports directly to the CEO and provides cultural, strategic, and operational leadership to Ronix’s team to ensure the achievement of operational and strategic goals. Thanks to his innovative and new thoughts and ideas, as well as determination, he has had a significant role to help Ronix find its rightful place in the tools market.


He was born in 1983 and entered the tools business when he was only 18. He studied Mechanical engineering at university and along with the studies he worked as a sales representative of tools.

For him, the market itself was like a college and all the valuable experiences he gained in this college were extremely effective in his success.

Despite the lack of much popularity of some Chinese products in the market, they discovered that many super brands in the world were active in China and a countless level of products was produced in that country. So, they came to the conclusion that in order to make a revolution and change the view of people toward Chinese products, they had to provide high-quality tools.

In the past, the goals and dreams he imagined seemed too big for him but by now that he looks backs, he feels he could have imagined even bigger dreams. In the present time, their future goals are beyond this field, and they have defined much bigger and ambitious dreams for their future. Ronix Global is the dream they are determined to make it come true even by taking big risks, if necessary.

Now, Ronix has over two thousand products in 12 categories, including power tools, rechargeable, pneumatic, hand tools for gardening, and safety tools. These products are from 11 countries that are produced in 500 large factories.

He believes that “Trust in business is achieved gradually and bit by bit, thus, even a tiny mistake concerning your priorities could destroy all the achievements you have gained through a lot of efforts.”


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The Deputy CEO & Member of the Board, Ronix


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