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Large Electric Low Noise Rotary Screw Air Compressor for Car

Max Pressure:8bar/116psi
Tank Capacity:80L
Air Delivery:230L/min
  • RC-8010

  • Ronix


Product Description

Air Compressor 80L, 2.5HP RC-8010

8010 (3)

-80L tank combined with a 2.5HP motor provides plenty of power to cover a wide variety of applications
-8 bar maximum pressure stores sufficient air in the tank for continuous tool operation
-The compact design plus two wheels makes it highly portable and remarkably easy to use
-Able to fill the air tank at the minimum time
-Equipped with two flow regulator and two quick couplers to maximize air tool performance
-Metal air filter results in better performance and higher efficiency
-Multipurpose machine which is great for different jobsites and workshops. Suitable for fastening, nailing, bolting, painting etc.
-Thermal protector system controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working
-Lever type on-off automatic switch for more efficiency and longer lifetime
-Equipped with a safety valve

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Detailed Description

It all begins with plugging the compressor to an outlet and turning the red switch on the controller. As soon as electricity goes through the controller, motor starts to work. The force generated by the motor will move the pistons which then result in compressing the air in the 80L tank. The air will be sucked into the tank through an air intake metal filter. By the time that tank reaches the standard pressure of 6-8 bar, controller will automatically shut the engine off and prevents excess pressure accumulation in the tank. There is a safety valve in case of automatic shutdown malfunction which discharges the air quickly.

A full tank means the air is trapped behind couplers with the standard pressure of 6-8 bar and we are all set. There is a pair of metal couplers on the tank with two pressure gauges on top which indicate the pressure behind each one. There are bunch of pneumatic tools that can be attached to the compressor. Each attachable pneumatic applicator requires its own pressure level. That’s why 8010 is equipped with a pressure regulator right between coupler which allows you to tune the pressure of one coupler to your ideal level.

If you are wondering how big an 80L compressor is, here are the dimensions L=86cm, W=39cm, H=74cm. It looks a little big at first sight but the creative and compact design makes 8010 one of the most user-friendly compressors among other leading brands. Curved 30cm handle with rubber grip, two wheel and a rubber feet bumper will help you easily move the device.

At the back of the tank you will find an oil sight glass with a red indicator inside which tells you when to add some grease oil for a better performance. A bottle of high-quality grease oil comes in the box with the compressor.

It is very important to know that air brings moisture to the tank after a long use which may cause damage and decay to the inner surface of the tank. But no need to worry, there is a drain valve at the bottom of the tank which you can open once in a while and let all the water drain out.

An Air Compressor is an essential tool to have in almost all kind of industries and workshops such as autobody shops, repair shops, construction and reconstruction teams, sandblasting workshops, carwashes etc. The RC-8010 is a handy tool which support all kind og pneumatic applicator.

Our Company

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Ronix (Zhangjiagang) Trading Co.,Ltd.

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Ronix tries to get the satisfaction of all users by providing Premium Quality products and services in the field of Hand Tools, Air Tools, Power Tool, Wood Working Tools and also providing an appropriate combination of price, quality, satisfying services and fast delivery.
Its products are provided based on three fundamental factors:

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