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General Purpose Hardware Vibrating 1800W Gasoline Chain Saw for Trees

Engine Power:1800W
Guide Bar Length:45cm
Cutting Capacity:40-45cm
Fuel Capacity:550ml
Power Source:Gas
Fuel Mixture:Unleaded gasoline 40: two-cycle oil 1
Oil Tank Capacity:260ml
Carburetor:Diaphragm type
Fuel Consumption at Max Engine Power:460g/kwh
Idling Speed Range:3000±300 RPM
Max Speed with Cutting Attachment:11000 RPM
Max Chain Speed:21.2m/s
Ignition System:C.D.I with timing advance function
Oil Feeding System:Mechanical plunger pump with adjuster
Sprocket Teeth X Pitch:7Tx0.325in
Dimension (LxWxH):410x250x285(mm)
Dry weight (without guide bar and chain, empty tanks):5.1kg
Sound Pressure Level at Operation Position:99.5 dB(A)
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Product Description

Gasoline Chainsaw, 1800W 4645pro

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-45cc, 2cycles high power 1.8kw engine with outstanding performance
-Automatic lubricating system reduces the friction between the bar and chains and makes cutting smoother and easier
-Anti vibration system makes the operation more comfortable and reduces fatigue during long hours of working
-Specific safety break reduces the risk during cutting operations
-New smart start system makes the machine start easier with less effort
-Excellent new ignition system results in powerful smooth running
-Special exhaust system design reduces fuel consumption and minimizes the gasoline emissions
-New design clutch system results in better performance and higher efficiency
-Includes USA top brand, Oregon chain and guide bar for better cutting performance
-Equipped with Japanese top brand, Walbro high-quality carburetor for longer lifetime and more effective function

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Detailed Description

Engine Inside the 45cc 1800W 2-stroke engine, as the piston moves in and out of the cylinder, obviously, it pulls and pushes a connecting rod that turns a crankshaft. The newly designed clutch system results in a better performance to connect the crankshaft to sprockets. When you start the engine and the chain saw is just idling, the speed range goes up to 3300RPM and as soon as the clutch is engaged, the max speed with the cutting attachments reaches the number of 11000RMP. The combination of the throttle, primer bulb, starting handle and ignition system introduces a new smart starting system that makes 4645Pro start easier with less effort. This is what high power and quality mean.

Carburetor As it was mentioned before, the Ronix 4645Pro Gasoline Chain Saw is equipped with the Japanese top brand, Walbro high-quality carburetor which has made it to function more effectively with longer lifetime. It is a diaphragm type carburetor and these types of carburetors are mainly used on machinery like concrete saws and chainsaws that can be operated at varied angles.

Fuel Injection The fuel you fill up the 4645’s 550ml gas tank with (a car's gas tank capacity is maybe 45–55 liters, which is about 100 times more), is actually all the energy you'll need to operate your Ronix chainsaw. The fuel moves through the Japanese Walbro carburetor to mix it with air. The mixture of air and fuel enters the cylinder. Inside the cylinder, the air and fuel mix (with one part of oil against 40 parts of gas because of the engine’s 2-stroke function) is ignited by a spark plug to burn and release its energy.

Lubricating System A special exhaust system is designed to reduce the amount of fuel consumption and minimize the gasoline emission. The result of this system is 460g/kwh fuel use at maximum power which our engineers have tried to cut it down as much as possible. The automatic lubricating system reduces the friction between the bar and the chains and makes cutting smoother and easier. A mechanical plunger pump with adjuster is placed inside the Ronix 4645Pro Chain Saw as the oil feeding system.

Body Comfort and safety are the main factors that are taken care of in the Ronix 4645Pro. To make the body anti-vibrated, it is connected to the engine by using springs and rubber in order to make the operations more comfortable and reduce fatigue during working for long hours. The biggest risk is resulted from a problem called “kickback”, where the chain gets trapped inside a hard wood but the engine keeps turning. The result is a flying saw, backward toward your head (think action and reaction—Newton's third law of motion) which potentially causes severe injuries. But the solution is easy. The specific safety brake, which is placed exactly in front of the front handle, reduces this risk during cutting and felling operations.

Chain & Guide Bar For better cutting performance, Ronix has included the USA top brand, Oregon chain and guide bar as the leading part in front of its 4645Pro Gasoline Chain Saw. An important point you have to consider here is the amount of maintenance chain saws need. In a chain saw like 4645, the huge amount of dust may get stuck and mix with the chain's lubricating oil to make a gunky mess which needs to be taken care of regularly.

To start the Ronix 4645Pro Chain Saw, especially with a cold engine, place it on ground. Push the chain brake forward until it engages. It is much better to hold the front handle with your left hand and put your right foot on the rear handle. Pull the starting handle with your right hand until the saw fires. More importantly, get the instructions first and work with such power tool informed and trained.

In order to work with our Ronix 4645Pro Chain Saw, the only thing you need to do is to know how to use such tool. The rest is taken care of with its powerful engine, innovative design, high-quality parts. Power, accuracy, value and originality are all the characteristics 4645 place in your hands.

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