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Electric Portable Low Noise Rotary Screw Air Compressor for Car

Max Pressure:8bar/116psi
Tank Capacity:10L
Air Delivery:200L/min
  • RC-1010

  • Ronix


Product Description

Air Compressor 10L, 1490W RC-1010

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-High efficiency 1HP motor provides adequate stored air power and dependable performance
-8 bar maximum pressure stores sufficient air in the tank for continuous tool operation
-Compact, super light design makes it extremely easy to transport and use
-Able to fill the air tank at the minimum time
-Equipped with two flow regulator and two quick couplers to maximize air tool performance
-Metal air filter results in better performance and higher efficiency
-Multipurpose machine which is great for different jobsites and workshops. Suitable for fastening, nailing, bolting, painting etc.
-Thermal protector system controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working
-Equipped with a safety valve

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Detailed Description

The first and most notable part of any air compressor is its motor. The Ronix RC-1010 is equipped with a 1HP induction motor. This motor can produce a speed of 2800 RPM and a maximum pressure of 8 bar or 116psi. This amount of pressure stores sufficient air in the tank which enables the users to work continuously and for long hours. The highly efficient motor of this air compressor that delivers adequate air power and a dependable performance, is able to fill the air tank in just a short time.

To get better results in performance and have a higher efficiency, the Ronix RC-1010 Air Compressor has a metal air filter to filter the air that enters the motor. A notable point that you must take into account while working with air compressors is that in continuous applications, the motor might get hot. This heat can cause damages and shortens the life cycle of this device. This is why we at Ronix manufacture these air compressors with thermal protector systems to control the temperature during long hours of working.

Working with high levels of pressure usually might raise some concerns since it can be dangerous and hazardous if safety precautions are not considered in a tool. However, you do not need to worry about working with this Ronix air compressor. The On/Off system of this power tool, constantly monitors the level of pressure so that it is always between the 6 bar and 8 bar. To provide maximum safety for the users, the Ronix RC-1010 is also equipped with a metal ring safety valve. Therefore, when the pressure of the tool becomes higher than 8 bar, it is automatically engaged to lower the level.

To store enough pressure for all of your tools that are powered by air, this air compressor is equipped with a 10L tank. This tank is manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure the longer lifetime of the tool and its great performance. As it was mentioned before, this 10L compressor is designed to be compact and has a light weight (only 14.5kg) compared to other 10L air compressors in its level. Therefore, it has become really easy to move it to different places of a workshop or various construction sites.

If you want to power two different air tools at the same time with this compressor, you can! With the help of two quick air couplers, you can attach two different air tools (say an air stapler and an air screwdriver) to this power tool and use both at the same time! In addition, for some applications you require a lower level of pressure. This is why this 10L air compressor has a regulator so that you can adjust the pressure to your desired level.

You can get a lot out of the Ronix RC-1010 Air Compressor, as it is a versatile and multi-purpose tool. It is great for different job sites and workshops and suitable for fastening, nailing, bolting, painting and many other applications. This air compressor is the perfect addition to your pneumatic tools. With its light weight and compact design, you can take it anywhere and enjoy working with it!

Our Company

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Ronix (Zhangjiagang) Trading Co.,Ltd.

Ronix is the international brand specialized in different kinds of tools such as Hand tools, Power tools, Air tools, wood working tools, Cutting tools, Welding tools and accessories for over 10 years with the premium quality collection of the tools which make Ronix as the unique tools brand in the world on the basis of Variety.

Ronix tries to get the satisfaction of all users by providing Premium Quality products and services in the field of Hand Tools, Air Tools, Power Tool, Wood Working Tools and also providing an appropriate combination of price, quality, satisfying services and fast delivery.
Its products are provided based on three fundamental factors:

1) Quality
2) Variety
3) Reliabiliy


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