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Direct Brushless Must Electric Drill for Homeowners

Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50hz
Weight: 1.5kg
Power: 450W
No load speed: 0-3300RPM
  • 2112

  • Ronix


Product Description

Electric Corded Drill, 450W 2112

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-Efficient 400W motor delivers maximum 4300 RPM for great performances in wood and metal industries

-Efficient handy drill for the best functionality in drilling and screwing

-6.5mm keyed chuck for higher efficiency

-Ergonomic small body design enables maximum power at minimum weight

-Variable speed control enables working at customized speeds in order to adapt to various materials and applications

-Anti-dust switch to reduce dust penetration

-Forward and reverse rotation function

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Detailed Description


Ronix 2112 Electric Corded Drill, 450W, 220V, Keyed Chuck can do a wide variety of tasks, Able to drill holes in wood pieces, metal sheets and etc. this electric drill can become one of the most useful tools in your toolbox. Ronix 2112 is ideal for use in a workshop or on any job where you have access to an electrical outlet or power generator. The Ronix 2112 can help you power through a variety of tasks with ease, while also being sturdy enough to last for years in your toolbox. If you’re looking to add a corded drill to your arsenal of tools, this Ronix designed corded drill is a right choice.


Different drill bits are required to create holes of varying diameters in various materials such as wood. The Ronix 2112 Electric Drill's keyed chuck can hold bits with a maximum diameter of 10mm. A chuck key is included in the Ronix color box of this electric drill to make changing drill bits in various applications simple. The 2112's drilling capability varies depending on the material. For example, it has a maximum drilling capacity of 25mm in wood, but only 10mm in metal workpieces and steel.


The Ronix 2112 Electric Drill offers a convenient and ergonomic body design that stands out in continuous operations. The small and light-weight (approximately 1.5kg) body design gives better comfort to consumers and decreases hand fatigue over lengthy periods of labor. Finally, the design of this power tool allows for maximum power while minimizing weight.


The Ronix 2112 Electric Drill includes a variable speed control for drilling holes in a variety of materials with varying thickness and resistance. You can simply alter the speed using this control to fit to varied materials and functions. Because drilling operations generate a lot of dust, the switches on these fantastic electric drills are intended to be anti-dust, reducing dust penetration and extending the life of this power tool. Another fantastic feature of the Ronix 2112 Electric Drill is the forward/reverse mode, which comes in handy in screwing applications.

Finally, whether you need a compact power tool for continuous screwing and unscrewing or a practical drill for everyday and light-duty chores at home, the Ronix 2112 Electric Drill might be a fantastic purchase for your home or workshop. It will not let you down!

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