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Application for Power Tools

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A power tool operates with an additional power source and mechanism as opposed to manual labor. Power tools are used in various industries for different purposes such as constructing, gardening, etc. and also for driving (fasteners), drilling, cutting, shaping, sanding, grinding, routing, polishing, painting, and heating.

Power tools are either corded or cordless, with cordless referring to hand-held power tools. The mobility advantage of cordless power tools is evident. Corded power tools, on the other hand, often have speed and precision benefits.

A Brief History of Power Tools

Batteries of power tools were driven by belts from overhead shafts in factories during the early industrial revolution. A water wheel or (later) a steam engine was the primary source of power. Invention of the electric motor (and related electric distribution networks) in the 1880s paved the way for today's self-powered corded and cordless tools. Power tools had a global market of $33 billion in 2016 and are expected to reach $46 billion in 2025.

Importance of Power Tools

While hand tools haven't lost their significance, power tools have turned to be highly preferred by construction and other industries workers. Power tools are currently used for a wide range of activities, from welding to hardline and deep-dyed industrial jobs. Undoubtedly power tools have a variety of advantages over manual tools. Power tools amaze us with a multitude of astonishing applications, even in minor domestic tasks as damaging repair, plumbing, etc. and with the use of power tools, the tasks can be done with less work and time.

Advantages of Power Tools

When it comes to the major advantages of using power tools, great speed is the most important factor to consider. Most of the time-consuming tasks can be easily completed with the assistance of power tools. There are several advantages to using power tools; Some of which are as follows:

  1. Many complicated tasks that can’t be accomplished with hand tools can be accomplished using power tools.

  2. Power tools assist employees in performing several difficult tasks in less time and with less effort.

  3. Power tools can go a long way toward increasing worker efficiency by making their jobs easier.

  4. Power tools can neatly complete a variety of construction tasks without causing any disruption.

The growing popularity of power tools is expected considering the advantages mentioned above. Power tools are frequently used to perform various tasks in construction, plumbing, gardening and other industries. Power tools are frequently provided with appropriate power tool accessories, which help keep their gears in good condition for a longer period.

Power tools can be categorized according to their purposes. The power source determines the type of power tool; electric, pneumatic, liquid fuel and hydraulic tools are different types of power tools. Angle grinders, drill and screwdrivers, rotary and demolition hammers, miter and cut-off saws, blowers and vacuums, air compressors, spray guns, pressure washers and woodworking power tools are just some examples of several power tools.

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