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11 Kg Energy Electric Demolition Hammer

Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50hz
Impact energy: 6-25J
Weight: 11kg
Power: 1800W
Impact Rate: 1000-1900BPM
  • 2811

  • Ronix


Product Description

Demolition Hammer, 1800W 2811

2811 (3)

-High power, robust 1800W motor delivers up to 25J of impact energy for heavy-duty demolitions

-Double anti-vibration system reduces operational fatigue and improves efficiency

-SDS max toolholder with robust power and impressively high demolition performance

-D-shape ergonomic handle for maximum control during heavy-duty operations

-Electronic constant speed function for comfortable working in different operations

-Dust proof and high-torque motor for using in construction site jobs

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Detailed Description

Motor and Mechanism

While choosing a demolition hammer, searching about the motor would be a vital item; as the rule of a thumb, the more powerful the tool is, the easier would your demolition works be. Ronix 2811 Demolition Hammer with a 1800W motor working with 220V is going to amaze you.  It has 1000-1900 bits per minute which can help you finish your demolition tasks effortlessly. This motor is dustproof and high-torque to give you the chance to use it everywhere in your construction site without worrying about the probable harms. This intellectually- designed tool is specifically provided for heavy-duty demolitions. The electrical energy entering the cylinder and piston from the motor will release 6-25J impact energy to maximize the number of bits per minute. The speed setting enables the operators to vary the speed of the tool according to their working conditions. If you need any help with your demolition duties, just name Ronix 2811 Demolition Hammer and it would be there for you!

Bit Holder

This power tool is equipped with an SDS Max tool holder that is an incredible choice for a demolition hammer. In line with its high demolition performance caused by its strong bit holder, a unique chisel rotation system is also used in designing its bit holder, so you can adjust the hammering positions. Demolishing is so easy now!


Even though 11kg might seem not so light but for a demolishing monster it is a wonderful one. Ronix 2811 Demolition Hammer is an ergonomic tool for those who care about comfort as much as the power. The double anti-vibration system of the tool reduces the vibration on the operator’s hands and decreases the fatigue. While doing heavy duties, the D-shape ergonomic handle of 2811 will help you control the tool fully so you can perform more efficiently. We have also thought of our product’s durability using anti-dust ball bearings while designing it, so you can have it all your life. You won’t get tired while demolishing anymore!

Our Company

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Ronix (Zhangjiagang) Trading Co.,Ltd.

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